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How Does Lady Gaga Like Her Steak

Q: How do you wake up Lady Gaga?
A: You Po-ker Face...

Q: How do you impress Lady Gaga?
A: You Just Dance!

Q: How does lady gaga prefer her steak cooked?
A: Raw raw... Rah ah ah ah.

Q: Why did the cow cross the road?
A: So Lady Gaga wouldn't wear him as a meat dress.

Q: What did Lady Gaga call herself as a baby?
A: Goo goo Ga ga.

Q: What hurts more a womans period or a kicking a man in the balls?
A: Just ask Lady Gaga!

Q: Name 3 things that Lady Gaga has that Justin Bieber does not?
A: Singing talent, good looks, and a penis!

Q: How did the Lady Gaga get hurt drinking milk?
A: The cow fell on her!

Q: Did you hear that a man robbed a bank in clown pants, fake breasts and blonde wig?
A: The police reported the primary suspect is Lady Gaga.

 Lady Gaga Jokes

Q: How many Lady Gaga fans does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None. They would prefer to stick their finger in the socket.

Q: How do you recognize a Lady Gaga fan in a department store?
A: They're the one trying to slam the revolving door.

Q: What does a Lady Gaga fan and a bottle of beer have in common?
A: They’re both empty from the neck up.

Q: Why is it sometimes alright to judge a book by its cover?
A: If it's about 'Lady Gaga', then you know its crap!

Q: What's the difference between Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga?
A: One of them has balls and it ain't Bieber.

Q: How much did Lady Gaga's awards dress sell for?
A: $12.99 a pound.

#GaGa is starting with POKER FACE because Donald Trump has one and he's conning the country. ???? #PepsiHalftime #SB51 #SuperBowl #ladygaga

Anyone else think Sia is just Lady Gaga running two simultaneous careers?

Dammit I wanted to make fun of Lady Gaga singing the Sound of Music but she was amazing. Dammit.
#Oscars #AcademyAwards

A dress made of Trump steaks #RejectedLadyGagaOutfits

Fun Fact: Tony Bennett actually died months ago and Lady Gaga has been parading him around like Weekend at Bernie's. #Grammmys

I can't get pregnant but remembering Lady Gaga is doing the halftime show caused me to preemptively miscarry.

If Lady Gaga sees her shadow and gets political during the Superbowl halftime show we'll have 6 more weeks of people complaining about it.

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