Madeleine McCann Jokes With Funny Images

Madeleine McCann Jokes: Madeleine Beth McCann (born 12 May 2003) disappeared from her bed in the evening of 3 May 2007 in a holiday apartment in Priya da Luz, a resort in the Algarve region of Portugal. His whereabouts are unknown. The Daily Telegraph described the disappearance as "the case of the heaviest missing person in modern history". Madeleine Mccann Now Madeleine Mccann Age Madeleine Mccann Parents Madeleine Mccann Dead Maddie Mccann Jokes.

Madeleine McCann Jokes With Funny Images

Kate McCann has said in an interview that Maddie was a real terror when she was two - always kicking, screaming and throwing tantrums in the middle of the supermarket.She grew out of it though - it was only a midlife crisis.

Spot the odd one out:a) Olive Oilb) Winec) Goldd) Silvere) Madeleinef) ZincAnswer: f. Zinc was never traded around the Mediterranean.

My mate rang me and asked if I fancied going out to see The Killers last night.Turned out to be the McCanns doing another press conference.

Possible titles for the Maddie documentary coming out:-Gone in 60 Minutes While We Were Having Lunch.-The Never Ending News Story.-Catch Me If You McCann.-Live Freely on Charity Donations Or Another Toddler Will Have To Die Hard.-Dude, Wheres our toddler?-Everyone Knows What You Did Last Summer.-Murat: Child kidnappings of Portugal for make benefit glorious tabloid of United Kingdom.

New car being launched in Portugal, space in the boot for a child. Its called the Renault McCann.

Funny Maddie Mccann Jokes

Jose Mourinho has said he wants to go back to Portugal and never be seen from or heard from again. The McCanns have offered to help.

Q: How much does a meal at your favourite Portugese tapas restaraunt cost?
A: Your child

Madeleine McCann Jokes

Maddy Mccann Jokes

Q: What's tanned and really, really happy?
A: A Portuguese Paedophile

Q: What have Maddie and Houdini got in common?
A: They both disappear and they're both dead

Q: Whats the difference between Maddie and a Boomerang?
A: Boomerangs come back

Q: What have the Portuguese Police, The English Football Championship and a cordless drill got in common?
A: No Leads

What's the difference between Pope John Paul II and Madeleine McCann?

The Pope died a virgin.

Jerry and Kate McCann went to see the Pope to ask if he could help find their daughter.
The Pope said he'd love to help but the Catholic Clergy was more used to hunting down small boys.

Renault Mccann Joke

What's the difference between Madeleine McCann and a tan?
A tan doesn't dissapear until after the holiday.

What's the difference between Madeleine McCann and Elvis?
More people believe Elvis is still alive.

What do Madeleine McCann and Dame Anita Roddick have in common?

They both had their family with them when they died.

What's the difference between an Emperor penguin and Gerry McCann?

An Emperor penguin doesn't leave his egg to spend three hours throwing cheap wine down his neck in a local bistro on the pretence he can still see the vague area the egg was left in.

What's the difference between the McCanns and Gary Glitter?

Gary Glitter comes back from his holidays with more kids than he left with.

Q: What did Madeleine McCann ask for for her 4th birthday?
A: Better parents.

Q: What's the only kind of wood that doesn't float?

A: Nathalie Wood.

Look on the bright side - the McCanns might have killed their daughter but at least they've missed a bad British summer.

Madeleine McCann Jokes

Madeleine Mccann Funny

What's pink and fluffy and haven't moved in 4 months?

Madeleine McCann's slippers.

Why should you never trust a Portuguese hire car agent?

They told Kate McCann whatever the children might spill on the seats could easily be cleaned off.

What's the difference between Maddie McCann and a boomerang?

I don't forcibly sodomise a boomerang every night when I get home from work.

Thank God for the "save maddie fund." The parents can afford a babysitter now.

What"s the difference between Madeleine McCann and Paris Hilton?Paris Hilton"s sex tape is crap.

What"s pink and covered in cobwebs?Maddy"s bike.What"s pink and not covered in cobwebs?Maddy"s vagina.

Lousy parents...Police who cant be bothered to investigate...Unlocked hotel room in portugal...Carlsberg don"t do child abductions.

Whats the difference between a pig and Maddie McCann?Maddie didn"t have an apple in her mouth while she was spit roasted

What"s the difference between Maddie McCann and Shannon Matthews?People actually wanted Maddie to be found.

Kate and Gerry McCann are to celebrate being cleared with a slap-up meal. If anyone"s interested, the twins are upstairs the third door on the left... and the keys are under the plantpot.

The McCann"s revealed today that they have spent 1,000,000 quid in their search for Maddie.I assume that includes the tenner they decided not to spend on a babysitter.

What"s the difference between Pope John Paul II and Maddie McCann?The Pope died a virgin.

What"s the difference between Madeleine McCann and Madeleine McCann jokes?Madeleine McCann jokes get old.

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