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My eyes are exhausted, and my ears are tired of hearing; my beautiful body is exhausted.
Driven forward by old age, all my senses are exhausted; only my attachment to Maya is not exhausted.
O madman, you have not obtained spiritual wisdom and meditation.
You have wasted this human life, and lost.
~ Guru Ravidas
Happy Guru Ravidas Jayanti!

That day which comes, that day shall go.
You must march on; nothing remains stable.
Our companions are leaving, and we must leave as well.
We must go far away. Death is hovering over our heads. ||1||
~ Guru Ravidas
Happy Guru Ravidas Jayanti!

Tohi, Mohi, Mohi Tohi, Antar Kaisa;
Kanak Katik Jal Tarang Jaisa!

There is no differnece between you (God) and me as there is no difference between the gold and it's ornaments, between water and it's waves.
~ Guru Ravidas
Happy Guru Ravidas Jayanti!

Begumpura (land without sorrow)

The regal realm with the sorrowless name
they call it Begumpura, a place with no pain,
no taxes or cares, none owns property there,
no wrongdoing, worry, terror, or torture.
Oh my brother, I've come to take it as my own,
my distant home, where everything is right...
They do this or that, they walk where they wish,
they stroll through fabled palaces unchallenged.
Oh, says Ravidas, a tanner now set free,
those who walk beside me are my friends.
~ Guru Ravidas Ji
May you and your family be blessed on Guru Ravidas's Jayanti!

Guru Ravidas Jayanti

Man Changa Tow Kathoti Mein Ganga!
~Guru Ravidas Ji

That is if your heart is pious then the holy river is right in your tub and you need not go anywhere else to take a dip.
Happy Guru Ravidas Jayanti!

Raag Soohee, The Word Of Sree Ravi Daas Jee:
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:
The happy soul-bride knows the worth of her Husband Lord.
Renouncing pride, she enjoys peace and pleasure.
She surrenders her body and mind to Him, and does not remain separate from Him.
She does not see or hear, or speak to another.
Happy Guru Ravidas Jayanti!

The company I keep is wretched and low, and I am anxious day and night;
My actions are crooked, and I am of lowly birth.
Raag Gauri Bhagat Ravidas
Happy Guru Ravidas Jayanti!

Agar Ek Arya Akela Hai Toh Usse Sawayam Adhyayan Karna Chahiye. Agar Do Ho Toh Unhe Paraspar Prashnottar Karna Chahiye Aur Agar Ek Se Jyada Ho Toh Unhe Satsang Karna Chahiye Aur Vedo Ke Adhyaya Padne Chahiye----Guru happy Ravidas jayanti

Bhala Kisi Ka Nahi Kar Sakte Toh Bura Kisi Na Mat Karna Phool Jo Nahi Ban Sakte Tum Kaante Bankar Mat Rehna! Happy Guru Ravidas Jayanti!

Prabhu Ji Tum Chandan Hum Paani To hi Mohi Mohi Tohi Anter Kaisa Tujhaai Sujhantaa Kachhoo Nahei Chal Man Har Chatsal Parhaoon. !! Happy Guru Ravidass Ji Jayanti !!

Aaj Ka Din Hai Khushiyon Bhara Aap Ko Poore Parivaar Sahit Guru Ravidas Jayanti Ki Bohat Bohat Shubhkaamnaayein!

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