Sad Love Poems - Sad Love Poetry In English

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Sad Love Poems - Sad love Poems That Make You Cry


You told me how in love you were,

I couldn't help but almost melt,

Right into your arms then and there.

I knew with all my heart,

That someday you would love me back,

My dream was finally true.

Staring into your eyes,

Your smile melts my heart,

We would finally be together.

You opened your mouth,

And told me three words,

Not the ones i wanted.

"I Love her"

The words felt like a dagger,

Going through what was left of my heart.

I Turned away,

And whipered to him,

"But I Love You"

He Looked at me,

Shocked i had said a word,

I felt his stare burn into me.

"I'm Sorry,"

He Mumbled,

"I Don't Love you"

I watched as he struggled,

He couldn't even bare to tell me,

That he was breaking my heart.

Sad Poems about Love

I Stared as i watched her face,

It fell as low as it could,

Her heart was shattered.

Why must i deny my love for her?

When she finally tells me,

It was too late.

I wanted to be with her,

But how could I?

I had a girlfriend.

I must tell her now,

before it is too late,

and she is gone.

I look to her face,

i see a tear trickle down her face,

and gleam in the light.

I turn my eyes to the floor,

i can't look at her,

or both our hearts will be broken.

I hear her foot steps,

she is leaving,

i have to tell her.


I manage to say,

but she doesn't stop.

I whisper,

Hoping she can hear,

"I Do and Always will Love You"

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