Romantic Anniversary Poems For Husband

Wedding Anniversary Poems for Husband - 1st Anniversary Poems For Husband

On this day, so beautiful and pretty

There’s only one place I want to be

In the cozy comfort of your arms

Lying mesmerized in the web of your charms

Forgetting about all of other life’s petty worries

Reminiscing our love’s wonderful memories

Baby, there is nothing I don’t like about you

I hope that you will forever love me as much as I do

Happy anniversary

As I sift through the album

Of our wedding day

Only one thing comes to mind

And that, I want to say

I’m sorry for having taken

So many things for granted

In reality you are

The only one I’ve ever wanted

Thank you for putting up

With petty fights and quarrels

Baby, I owe you

For making my life magical

Happy anniversary

Romantic Anniversary Poems For Husband

I feel a sense of pride

In raising a toast to that person

Around whom the fairy tale

Of my life has been spun

This journey with you

Has been fun all along

Even while wading through

Rights and wrongs

No matter what

You’ve always been around

Which is why

Happiness is all I’ve found

Happy anniversary

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