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My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose Poem

Cold No More

My heart so cold and hard like stone

Closed and quiet and always alone

Through the days I go with fear

That my heart will disappear

To freeze like ice to no longer burn

To leave my chest and never return

The days did pass to leave me bare

Of love and happiness I did not care

My heart so dark as black as coal

For in my chest there is a hole

A robot I became no heart but steel

For love nor pain I could not feel

But then my heart begun to burn

For love and passion to return

Gone are the darkness and the cold

My heart so open and so bold

To burn so hot, so bright, so true

To burn with love, my love for you

Looking For Ice Cream Love Poem

Heart Of My Heart
In the stillness of a sunrise,

the winds of time stood still beneath

forsaken shades of blue skies and

soft clouds with gliding shadows.

I've heard the music of your heart,

through your soft whispers in the wind

and the gentleness of your smile

from all seasons we have both shared

that ignite the power of love.

Your passion held me in its warmth

from the melody of your thoughts

and cravings you pen with your words

that touched the core of my desire.

Within the depths of my longings

I'll walk with you through ages of time

and in every moment of life

I will hold you close to my heart.

Day descends, night unfolds its cape

and for just one instant in time,

I reach, touch the stars, and I feel

my heart beat with the rhythm of yours

and my soul dances to its tempo.

You are my world, my heart, my pulse.

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