Makar Sankranti Poems

Marathi Makarsankranti Poems - Poem on Makar Sankranti In English

As winter days come to a close

It's here, it's here, everyone knows

All step into the great outdoors

The West wind blows! The West wind blows!

A festive mood fills up the air

Paper crafted with so much care

Of string with powdered glass beware

Kites everywhere!  Kites everywhere!

These paper kites bring so much joy

To scale the blue the only toy

They mesmerize both girl and boy

We all enjoy!  We all enjoy!

A hundred hues fill up the skies

Precious diamonds many a size

All heads upturned, skywards all eyes

Excited cries! Excited cries!

The rooftops become party zones

No gadgets, gizmos, no cellphones

Just sun and sky and mirth filled tones

And paper drones! And paper drones!

The war begins as kites collide

To cut a kite a source of pride

By friendly rules we all abide

Skies don't divide! Skies don't divide!

Makar Sankranti Poems

A Beautiful,Bright And Delighted Day,

Sun Entered Makar To Intense The Ray.

Crop Harvested To Cheer The Smiles,

Come Together And Enjoy The Life.

Kites Flying High To Touch The Happiness,

Til Mangled With Sweet To Spread Sweetness.

Time To Enjoy The Moment With Full Intensity

Very Happy Prosporous Makar Sankranti

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