Happy New Year Poems

Short Happy New Year Poetry, Poems In English

Greet New Year with a big smile,
Forget about loss and fail,
Just close your eyes and wish
To live your life like in a fairy tale!

New plans, new hopes, new expectations…
Will bring you happiness this year.
May all your urges and intentions
Be fulfilled eventually!

When you wake up tomorrow,
On the first day of New Year,
May all your misery and sorrow
Be far away from here!

Let us forget the mistakes of the past,
Better seek for the best in this New Year,
I am sending you my warmest greetings,
And wishing you tones of joy and cheer!!!

The old year is ending and the new one has arrived,
Take a look at the months that have gone by,
Think of all the moments that brought us joy and cheer,
May you have lots of happy days in this New Year!

Short New Year Poems, Poetry

Another brand New Year is here,
Another year to live,
To forget all doubts and fears,
To laugh, to love and to give!
Happy New Year!

So let us welcome the brand New Year,
It is the perfect time for the festal cheer!
Wishing you the happiest life, my dear!

May your life be filled with joy and cheer,
Bringing you fun and happiness for the whole year,
Keeping you smiling, my dear,
I wish you a joyful and happy New Year!

May your days are sunny and bright,
And your whole life is full of light.
Always be firm and never get fear,
Cause God gives us a brand New Year!

Little keys may open big locks,
Simple words may cure the heart blocks,
Keep smiling, cause it rocks.
Happy New Year, folks!

Think of joy, forget your fears,
Always keep smiling and leave behind the tears,
Be happy and joyous, cause it‘s a New Year!

Best Happy New Year Poems

Leave all the troubles in December,
Forget all worries and sad days.
Now the New Year is coming
Bringing new dreams and new ways.

Let the New year
Be full of delight,
And every single day,
Be nice and filled with light!

Raise your glass for the last day of the old year,
And for the fortunate New year!

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