Funny Family Stories With a Moral

What are the funniest or most embarrassing stories your family Listen to Reason

“Can you play with me?” my preschooler asked.

“Not now,” I said. “I have too much work to do around the house.”

Taking my hand, and with the 
wisdom of one who has lived many 
a lifetime, he said, “Mom, I have 
advice for you. When people tell me to do work, I don’t listen to them. Then 
I don’t have work to do. It works for me. You should try it.”

Yeah, He’s Always There

We ran into our minister at the mall, but my son couldn’t place him. It was only later that it hit him. “I know that man,” he said. “He goes to our church.”

Funny Family Stories

Book Him

A book I’d ordered arrived in the mail. I unwrapped it and flipped through its pages. My 21-year-old son, Sean, was at the other end of the table, gesturing as if he wanted to see the book. I started to hand it to him, when he stopped me.

“No, I’ll take the trash,” Sean said. “What would I do with a book?”

Over and Out

When her six-year-old daughter and four-year-old son ran outside to play with their new toy, my sister sat back to enjoy a cup of coffee and 
a rare moment of quiet. The peace was shattered when my nephew ran back into the house, crying.

“What’s wrong?” my sister asked.

“She won’t stop calling me Roger!” he sobbed, and threw down his new walkie-talkie.

That’s My Girl!

Herein lies the difference in my kids’ personalities: My teenage son bought me a beautiful necklace; my daughter called dibs on it when I die.

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