Friendship Poems For Childhood Friends

Poems about Childhood Friendships - Best Friends Forever

Times Are Changing

We had our good days and we had our bad,

I thought I would never forget the times we had.

The times are changing,

and our memories are slowly fading.

Though times may change,

we just have to hope and pray

that someday things will be okay.

The times are changing,

but we can't keep holding onto the past,

because we don't know if our past

can be part of our future.

And as I shed one last tear,

I live in fear

that as the times change

I will lose you forever.

Friendship Poems For Childhood Friends

I Am With You

I remember when we met,

In kindergarten, we were set.

Friends from then on, without a doubt.

Said we would never live without,

But time moves on and then we too,

Got caught up in the 'cootie' schmooze.

We wrinkled our noses and turned away,

We thought we could go at least a day,

But no, instead we played a fake war.

Closer than ever, we fake argued galore,

But time goes on and then we two

Threw aside that stage and I was with you.

Again we sided, it was us two as one.

Who cares what others thought, we had fun.

Many years had passed, and I developed a love,

Each time I saw you, angles sang from above.

Being a foolish child, I drifted away,

Until the unthinkable happened one day.

I never thought, even as I avoided you,

That one day we would be fully through.

You stopped searching me out, as I had done,

You would walk past me, having much more fun.

But time goes on, and on, and on.

And even now, so many years far after,

Even you remember our dear laughter.

You came up to me, just around high-school.

You didn't act different, you didn't even act cool.

You treated me just like you used to,

Time may have passed on, but I am with you.

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