Døde Baby Jokes In English

Dead Baby Jokes - NOT FUN, Dead Baby Jokes

What’s more fun than 4000 dead babies in a big pile?
- The only survivor trying to gnaw out from the middle.

How do you turn a baby into a dog?
- You pour gasoline over it and set fire to it. Woof.

What do you call a dead baby hanging on a wall attached with nails?
- Art.

What is it that is red and swings back and forth?
- A baby on a meat hook.

Dead Baby Jokes

How to make a baby cry?
- You wipe the blood on the dick in its teddy bear.

Why did the baby cross the street?
- It was clipped to the chicken

Why does the midwife boil water when giving birth to a baby?
- If it's stillborn, they can get soup for lunch!

How to prevent a baby from falling into a well?
- You put a long spear through the head of it

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