Cute Good Night SMS

Good Night SMS Text Messages

we’ve been thru a path so dark,

but we stil gotten dat special spark,

now we noe dat we can neva go rong,

my luv fer u wil neva b gone.

A lovely star dropped on earth one night.

Asked me u want a million dollar or a good frnd?

I had 2 choose million dollars coz, I already have u…

Sweet Good Night SMS

In our life time 6 things can come at any time:




6.susu: isliye karke sona .good night

Wash your face and wash your feet!

Now itz time 2 fall asleep.

Yours eyes are weak N mouth can’t speak so hope tis nite shall b nice and sweet.

Good Nite.

I wish I was your blanket,

I wish I was your bed,

I wish I was your pillow underneath your head,

I want to be around you,

I want to hold you tight,

and be the lucky person who kisses you goodnight.

Painting is a feelin, Never spoil it.

Face is a book, try 2 read it.

Love is precious, B ready 2 sacrifice for it &

Friendship is like a mirror never break it!

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