Childhood Friendship Poems

Forever Friends Poems - Poem on Childhood Days

A Letter To An Old Friend

Childhood friends? I hope we still are.

Years have put space between us and now you seem so far.

Childhood promises never seem to stick.

Best friends forever is an old classic.

What would happen in the future

We were not aware.

Who could forget that one special person that was always there?

The arms into which you fall.

The one to which you crawl.

No more playing in the back yard.

Growing up sure makes being friends hard.

From kids to teenagers we have grown so much.

I wonder how such good friends seem to lose touch.

Maybe destiny will hopefully let us meet again.

Until then this is a letter to an old friend.

Childhood Friendship Poems Poetry

Best Friends Forever

Every time I trusted someone, it blew up in my face,

for I have no grace.

But I've found my one true sound.

The one girl who I care for will be just fine

when I'd put my life on the line.

I tell you everything because I know I can,

and I'd never lie, you see.

We are just teens as we grow,

and it means so much to me that you know I will keep every secret,

so let go.

I would never ever hurt you with cruel intention,

for I love you,

my darling friend,

hopefully forever and always.

I wish us to always have an amazing blazing friendship.

Who knew two girls so close could be so very different,

and yet we already met.

I liked when our long conversations grew,

because I felt so strong when I depended on you.

I wish I could say "best friends forever"

and let it be true,

because I feel as though it's you.

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