9 The Best Harry Potter Yo Mama Jokes

Best Harry Potter 'Yo Mama' Jokes - harry potter one liners

yo mama so old she gave Nicholas Flamel his first kiss.

yo mama so ugly that the Dementor's Kiss was swapped out for a hearty handshake and a promise to give her a call sometime.

yo mama so stupid, she drowned in a pensieve yo mama so dumb she thought that she could talk to snakes if she put parsley on her tongue

yo mama so nasty, every pair of her panties has the Dark Mark on them.

Yo Mama Jokes Harry Potter

yo mama so fat that if she confronted a boggart it would morph into a treadmill.

yo mama so ugly that even Voldemort won't say her name.

yo mama so poor she can't even afford a Gringotts account.

yo mama so fat that the sorting hat couldn't decide where to put her - she couldn't fit in any of the houses!! 

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