Best Animal Riddles With Answer

Simple Riddles For Children - Some Animal Riddles

Alice’s mom is a duck with five small ducklings: Jenny, Jerry, Julie, and Johnny. What’s the name of the fifth duckling?
⇒  alice

Armored but not a knight, snapping but not a twig, and always at home, even on the move? What is it?
⇒  turtle      

I created my lair with earthen string and dispatch my prey with a biting sting. What am I?
⇒ spider        

What in the morning sings under feathered wings has by light of day flown away?
⇒  bird  

Animal Riddles With Answer

Agile on its feet, it drives dogs mad. It flicks its tail when angry and purrs when glad. It is
⇒ cat  

I live where I can’t breath, but make the most of it from a hole in my back. What am I?
⇒  whale      

What do little frog fishermen use to catch fish?
⇒  tadpoles :    

What do you get if you cross a turtle with a wristwatch?
⇒  slow clock   

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