7 Type Best Good Night SMS

Cute Good Night SMS - Cool Good Night SMS

A shining ANGEL stands beside your silky bed,

Calling ur nice Name so softly,

Throwing flowers on U

And saying Good Night & Sweet Dreams.

Name 3 characteristics 4 me out of

1. Arrogant

2. Sweet

3. Egoistic

4. Lively

5. Playful

6. smart

7. Honest

8. Shy

9. Confident


Be Honest while you reply. Good Night

Good Night SMS

Good Night SMS

One ( ‘ “”()
good ((“)’ )
nite ( / “(,,)
Kiss for you….
* * ( ‘ “”() Bye
* (“( ‘o’, ) bye
* (“)(“)(,,) * *
Sweet Dreams !

New Concept of Life

Morning = MANDIR

Evening = M_A_D_I_R_A

Night = M_A_N_D_I_R_A

No matter

If the sky is black or blue

No matter

If there are stars or moon

As long as ur heart is true

Sweet dreams will always be wit u.

Gd Nite!

Welcome aboard2 “Sweet Dreams” airline,

All passengers on bed, hug ur pillows

As the flight will be leaving soon 2dream land.

Enjoy ur time GOOD’NITE!


Passengers In The Sweet Dreams,

Are Requested To Please Open Their Eyes..

The Flight Of Night Has Been Landed,

In To A Sweet Day.. !! :-

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