Wishing Your Friends A Good Night And Sweet Dreams Poems

Good Night Poems for Girlfriend: Poems for Her

We are not just any other boyfriend-girlfriend couple

There is much more to our relationship than just infatuation

Our love story is different from everyone else’s

It is based on trust and respect, not just attraction

Since the moment we started going out, every day has been

A dreamy tale of love, passion and soulful bonding

I may not be the richest or the wealthiest

But with you by my side, I have everything

Good night

Good night poem for her kisses and hugs

I may not be able to give

Give you a hug right now

But the fact that you are mine

Makes me happy and how

I may not have the pleasure of

Kissing you good night

But just thinking about you

Is life’s sweetest delight

Like a building without a facade

Or a book without its cover

I too am stripped of my identity

When we’re not together

As I stare at the deep night skies

I can’t help but hallucinate

About how it’d be if right now

We were out on a romantic date…

Good night

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