Sad Poems About Life | Sad Poems Describe Sad Dark Feelings Of Pain

Sad Poem Can Help You Deal With Sadness And Sorrow

Sitting in the dark of the night,

in the midst of loneliness,

reminiscing over memories of the days gone by;

i used to frolic around,

freely and without a worry,

i used chase my dreams

until the end;

now every second of my life,

is spent battling the demons,

trying to shed and escape from the shackles that

life has thrown over me;

my world feels like its falling apart,

as darkness roams freely within my mind,

my tears of joy has now turned into tears of despair

trapped in this mortal existence;

lying in the dark of the night,

waiting for the sun (light),

waiting for my chance to be free (once again),

i am waiting and hoping;

i look up at the dark sky,

filled with the stars and moon,

for a sign,

desperately longing for a glimmer of light

in this darkened world of mine;

i trudge along a long and winding road,

with silence for company, sullen and sunk;

staring into the distance,

i ponder about this zombie like existence;

standing along the edge,

not able to give in or give up,

my mind is at war with itself,

and the road seems endlessly long;

as the shadows merge with the darkness of the night,

i count the street lights one by one,

some broken, some lit,

but they all seem dull and faded;

too tired to walk,

gone too far to come back,

i want to be happy,

but life is being a tough negotiator;

why is it always like this with me?

maybe i am cursed?

maybe i am the devil of my own doing?

or maybe my time has run out?

fragile and down again,

i am trying to hide the storm that is raging inside me,

trapped in this pitiful existence,

i can only stare at this long road of life;

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