Sad Love Poetry In English - Sad Love Poems

Sad Love Poetry In English - Sad Love Poems

Sad Love Poetry

All Yours

I hope you accept this invitation from my heart. The last thing I want is for us to be apart. I know its my fault for the harm thats been done. Im asking for the chance to prove I am the one. I cant take it back, that I do know. That wasnt who I am I will prove it and show. I can say I was scared but it wasnt of you. I was scared of my past and should have knew. Instead I hid my fear deep inside. While you left your heart open wide. I should have known there was no need to be scared. My life was with the perfect person for it to be shared. You have my heart and I dont want it back. You are the one who got me back on track. If the time comes and you can find it in your heart. I will be ready for a new start. Im writing you this poem from my heart to yours. I just want you to know that im all yours.

Sad Love Poetry

To my one true love


My love for you was plain to see

It was written all over me

A love so strong

Could not be wrong

It should last an eternity

Now it's just a memory

I've asked you why a thousand times

But lies filled your every line

Money took you away from me

Happiness you'll never see

My heart was filled with so much love

I tried to bring you back to me

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