Love Poetry Collection - Best Romantic Love Poems

Love Poetry Collection - Best Romantic Love Poems

Love Poems

My love,

Every moment I inhale,

I breathe you.

You are like the air

That fills up my lung

With life,

And no matter how much

I strive

To build the smallest of walls

Around... to resist the urge,

To fight this delicious sensation

I feel in your presence,

You remain a distraction,

A sweet temptation

Magically smoldering.

And every minute you stare

I am caught in a snare.

Helpless, I sigh.

Your eyes are a spark,

They light up a fire

Burning red hot in my heart.

My love

When it rains, it pours

But you, you quell the storms.

You are my Mars

My seventh heaven.

When you blurt out words

And I hear your voice,

I am disarmed,

My limbs get wobbly,

I am held spellbound

In the hypnosis of you.

Love Poems

I love you, no doubt

But those words are partial

For they do not in the least

Spell out the very least,

Bits nor pieces

Of this whirlpool,

This maelstrom,

This mount of emotions,

The deepest of affections

That I feel for you.

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