Happy Birthday Poems In English For Brother

Happy Birthday Brother Poems In English

I know it's your birthday,

there's no need to remind.

The gift that I got you,

was not easy to find.

It's not totally elegant,

but it's not totally trash.

There was a hole in my pocket,

so I was a bit short on cash.

But since you're my brother,

I'm sure you'll understand.

Don't mind the style,

or mysterious brand.

Let me be honest,

it's just slightly used.

You better accept it,

I won't be refused.

Am I dragging this poem?

You must be real curious.

But once you see it,

I'm sure you'll be furious.

I know it's your birthday,

there's no need to remind.

This empty box filled with love,

I officially signed.

A Birthday Poem from a Sister to Her Wonderful Brother

My Sweet Brother

A wonderful birthday,

I'm hoping to share.

With a loving sweet brother,

that's unique and rare.

He lives life joyfully,

with a smile so wide.

I know I can always,

trust and confide.

This birthday of his,

is not about age.

He's free to turn,

his path and his page.

Nor on time itself,

it does not depend.

To the love in his heart,

there's never an end.

Since he is my brother,

my fortune is great.

Our paths intersect,

and so does our fate.

Many more wonderful years,

on this earth we shall spend,

and simple birthday wishes,

through my heart I shall send.

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