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Happy Birthday Poems For Best Friends - Birthday Poems For Kids

What I am today is not

My doing alone

There is another reason

For the way in which I’ve grown

How my life has shaped up

Owes itself to many things

One of them being you

A best friend, who’s given me wings

My life, is incomplete

Without your contribution

That’s my toast to you

On your birthday celebration

Happy birthday

Twitter, is where the celebs hang out

Facebook, is the most popular social network

Reddit, is the face of the internet

But you, make my life tick like clockwork

Instagram, is where the selfies are slaying it

Google, is where life’s answers are found

YouTube, is where stars of tomorrow are born

But you, are what makes my world go round

Happy birthday

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Birthday Poem For Friend

Wishes made on birthdays

Always come true

That is why I wish

The very best for you

I hope that you achieve

Everything you seek

There should never be a moment

In your life, sad or bleak

I wish that you soar to new heights

And wade into uncharted territory

For you know well, that you can

Always fall back on me

Happy birthday

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