Happy Birthday Poem For Brother, My Friend

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My Brother, My Friend

You're not just my brother,

but also my friend.

This birthday with you,

I'm excited to spend.

There's just a few things,

my heart needs to say.

Wish you a beautiful life,

with each passing day.

Whenever I needed you,

you've always been there.

Amongst our differences,

you knew how to care.

We've shared happy moments,

and even some tears.

I'm really grateful,

for all of those years.

It's not just a birthday,

it's clearly much more.

We'll celebrate you,

who I truly adore.

You're not just my brother,

but also my friend.

My love and my thoughts,

with joy I extend.

My Brother

Happy birthday,

I wish you today,

words from my heart,

that I'd like to convey.

You are my brother,

and I'm really glad.

Both interesting and smart,

allow me to add.

Happy birthday,

thanks for your smile.

It fits in perfectly,

with your warm friendly style.

Hope you enjoy,

all the gifts you receive.

In your biggest dreams,

I truly believe.

Happy birthday,

One more sweet thought.

You are my brother,

and I love you a lot!

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