Good night poem for her - Good Night Poetry

Good night poem for her - Good Night Poetry

Good Night Poetry

I can’t help but break into a smile

As I lie here on my bed, awake and restless

I feel thankful that you are my girlfriend

I feel lucky to be able to call you my princess

I don’t want to make unreal promises

But what I can tell you is this

That no matter what, I will never stop

Sending you good night texts with a kiss


If I was your blanket

We could cuddle all night long

If I were your pillow

You could rest your head on me all along

If I were your jammies

You could slip into my arms for many a hug

If I were your sheets

I could tease you with my tugs

But since I am not of these

All I will do is dream, about what if I was

So until I wake up in the morning

Life will be at a blissful pause

Good night

 Good Night Poetry

Good night poem for her crazy about you

The glowing moon

The twinkling stars

Are symbolic of

How pretty you are

I’m not saying this

Just to make you happy

I truly mean it

Baby, you drive me crazy

Good night

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