Good Morning Poetry, Poems

Good Morning Poetry, Poems

Good Morning Poetry

Good Morning For Today

As I sip my cup of coffee,

I remember you my dear,

And I want to be with you,

I want you to be near,

In my life in every way,

This is a new day,

So, good morning for today!

Longing for Your Touch

A warm hug for my girl to be,

In the evenings and the mornings,

When I close my eyes it’s you I see,

Never imagined I’d love so much,

Simply longing for your hug and touch,

I miss you so much,

Good morning my dear,

Fill your day with smile and cheer.

Good Morning Poetry

Good Morning Kiss

The clear blue sky and sun-kissed air,

The morning dewdops so precious and fair,

I want to hug you tight and kiss,

And stay in that moment so endless,

My man, seeing you wake next to me,

I am full of joy and gladness you see,

Right now all I feel is my heart race,

As I long for nothing but your embrace,

While sleeping it is you I miss

And now it’s time for our good monrning kiss.

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