Broken Heart Sad Poem about Love - Poetry

Sad Love poetry in english

A Lost Love

A Feeling of Despair ,The Choking Sobs

an Image of Being Trampled under a Mob.

Constricted Breathing, out of Control

a Feeling of Forever These Moments Stole

Darkness Settles, No Happy Thoughts,

the Battles over Before its Even Fought.

Clouds Drift in ,I Feel the Pain.

I Stand Destroyed in Your Domain

On the Edge of a Chasm, Inviting Cold

Hating Who I Am, a Man with No Soul.

Can You Hear My Cries of Anguish and Despair,

to Live or Die Do I Even Care?

I Know it Sounds Crazy, Not My Usual Peace.

But What to Do with Myself after this Six Year Lease

. Words Spoken to God Mean Nothing Anymore

I Spoke You Spoke Still You Walked out the Door.

How Do I Maintain My Guise as a Man

When Behind Closed Doors I Sift Away like Sand

.To Pick up and Continue What Is the Use?

I Had a Great Woman I Lost Her, I Deserve All Abuse.

I Prayed for Us Daily to God from Above,

And for What Because Evidently There Is No Such Thing as True Love.

Famous Sad Love Poems

You who excite me

You who turned my world

You, the one - though sadly not the only

You who disturb my thoughts

You who confuse me

You who appeared at the wrong time, yet the only time

You who care - sometimes

you whom I crave

-constantly, achingly

You who are wrong for me yet so right

You who I dare not love

But do so dearly

Just you

You who I talk to for hours

Yet to whom I say so little

You, whose caress ignites me

You who makes me laugh

You who make me cry

You arrived

You conquered

Frail ego, fragile mind that is me

Should dare to hope that I affect you

Only you

You, now, not before, or after

Lord just you

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