Birthday Poems for Best Friends - Happy Birthday Poetry

Birthday Poems for Best Friends - Happy Birthday Poetry

Happy Birthday Poetry

I can’t change the past

Nor do I want to

Every day is a new start

When spent with you

A beautiful journey

A road with no end

Is what life is, when

Lived with a real friend

Happy Birthday

I’ve spoken many lies

I’ve broken many promises

I’ve picked up many fights

I’ve given you bad memories

Yet, through this chaos

By my side, you’ve stood strong

Backing me all the time

Even when you know I was wrong

What did I do to deserve

Such a loyal friend, I have no clue

But one thing’s for sure, my life

Is nothing without you

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Poetry

There’ve been fights aplenty

There’ve been massive arguments

There’ve been times when we didn’t talk

There’ve been dark moments

From smiles to tears

From happiness to strife

Friendship isn’t an easy ride, but I

Wouldn’t trade it for anything else in life

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