Best Sad Love Poems Collection

Best Sad Love Poems Collection

Sad Love Poems

Don't Drink and Drive

Near the door

he paused to stand

as he took his classring

off her hand

and all who were watching

did not speak

as a slient tear

ran down his cheek

and through his mind

the memories ran

of the moments

they walked and ran

on the sand hand in hand

but now her eyes were so terribly cold

for he would again

never have her to hold

they watched in silent

as he bent near

and whispered the words

"i love you" in her ear

he stepped back and started to cry

as he put on his ring and wanted to die

just then the wind began to blow

as they lowered her casket

into the snow

this is what happens to men alive

when friends let friends

Drink and Drive!

Sad Love Poems

you don't mean it

what good does it make when

you write love poems about someone

who dosen't love you back?

When i was little i never needed anyone

but now i need you more than anything

you said you'll never break my heart

but it already been done.

what good does it make to watch someone you love with someone else

what good does it make when the person

you thought you can trust is not worth trusting

when people say i love you

they don't get how powerful the meaning of love is.

and fools like me will trust anyone who says

i love you to them

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