Best Romantic Love Poems - Poem About Love For Him

Best Romantic Love Poems - Poem About Love For Him

Romantic Love Poems

Full Circle

We are here my love together again

Back where we should have always been

Back where we were meant to be

Together as one just you and me

While we were apart it seemed so wrong

I longed for you my whole life long

I ached to be with you so very much

To hear your voice to feel your touch

And now at last we've met once more

In love again as we were before

More in love than we could have ever supposed

Together again life's circle closed.

Romantic Love Poems

Your Husband

When times are hard, when news is bad,

When life seems a universe from brightness and joy,

When this happens, my love, I need you to know,

There is a person close who feels every tear,

A person close who holds you dear.

When you cry, he cries too, not always to see,

But always and with the full depth of his beating heart.

When you do not cry but the pain shows in your eyes,

He will know and share this too,

His passion hidden under a stoic umbrella,

A shield of calm prevents emotion displayed.

He knows of your journey through the turbulence of life,

He respects and admires the tireless fight,

He hates a world that could cause you pain,

Such innocence undeserving, he longs for your return to the sun,

A summer's mind where fears dissipate like seeds in wind,

To see what he loves; your smile to infinity,

Your passion for life... with vigour, with humour, with cheer.

So look over your shoulder and he'll be there,

No matter the distance, the time, he'll be there,

Watching you in sleep, aloof in morning haze,

As distance grows through day, the care for you remains.

He is your husband, your friend, your protector, your knight,

He is me my darling, he is me.

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