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Love Birthday Poems

The special day that you were born

Is filled with many pleasures;

Our attraction and our caring bond

Are my life’s greatest treasures.

Your birthday brings me happiness

And fills me with emotion;

My gift to you is all my love

And unshakable devotion.

                                               Birthday Poem For Love

The Day You Were Born

The day you were born

Was a great day indeed;

It allowed us to meet,

Which was just what I'd need.

To share a life blessed with love,

Filled with joy and with wonder,

And be close with you, partner,

Like lightning and thunder.

The day you were born

Deserves trumpets and song,

For that day the sweet love

Of my life came along.

It took years till we met,

But that day is the thing

That brought you to me,

And made my heart sing.

                                          Birthday Poem For Love

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