Short Good Night Poems For Friends

Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night Poem

Good Night Poems

On the other side of this night

Lie a lot of cool things

Let’s fly in our dreams

With imaginary wings

A few hours away

Lies a lot of happiness

Until that moment arrives

Let’s sleep and burn some stress

Good night

Pick your dreams tonight

Choose whatever you want to be

A sports star, a wealthy businessman

Or a glamorous celebrity

No matter how stupid

Right now you dreams may sound

In catching up to them, I’m sure

You’ll soon come around

Good night

Girlfriends dump you

Boyfriends break your heart

Only your friends stay along

From the very start

Parents keep scolding you

Teachers give advice

It’s best to end such days

With sleep gentle and nice

Good night

Good Night Poems

A beautiful day

Is in the waiting

Let’s make it

Worth celebrating

Lovely memories

Are in the offing

Let’s make every

Moment worth living

Good night

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