Sad Poems : My Father, My Son

Sad Poems : My Father, My Son

Sad Poems

My Father, My Son

As a son I lost a father,

As a father, a son -

If the choice was mine I'd rather

Had not lost either one.

I do not know where I come from

Or where I am to go.

True, this fate is less than some

And more than some can know.

My father, my son - you both I miss

But we shall meet someday

In the kingdom where angels kiss

To chase the clouds away.


by Jade X. Phatonis losing

all I can see.

nothing remains.

dripping slowly away

the tides recede

and I stand


I look down from the precipice

that is my life

and wonder where the tides go.

will they return to fill

my gaping soul?

or will the waters dry

to flow no more

and leave me standing

and breathless?

all I can do is


watching from my precipice,

all I can do is wonder.

Sad Poems

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The Sad Mother

Sleep, sleep, my beloved,

without worry, without fear,

although my soul does not sleep,

although I do not rest.

Sleep, sleep, and in the night

may your whispers be softer

than a leaf of grass,

or the silken fleece of lambs.

May my flesh slumber in you,

my worry, my trembling.

In you, may my eyes close

and my heart sleep.

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