Love Poems - love poems for the one you love famous love poems

Love Poems - love poems for the one you love famous love poems

Love Poems

My Love in a billion

Can't be here this day

Alone here this Christmas

But knowing one day

Our Love oh so precious

No words can describe

How so much I want to

Be there by your side

When all is so quiet

I lie here alone

And remember the things

That remind me of home

Your beautiful smile

So honest and true

Not one thing but thousands

Remind me of you

My darling my sweet

My one true Love's heart

Has been mine for the keeping

Right there from the start

Your voice pure and loving

A thought I hold dear

I long for the comfort

When you hold me near

Things change in an instant

Some people may say

But our Love Is forever

Right here to stay

Love Poems

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To find a rose as fair as thee,

As bright as thine rosy cheeks,

One can ne'er imagine,

For of your face God speaks.

Thine beauty is the bright sun,

Laughter blossoming petals of rose,

To find a love as fair as thee

Is a quest that no man knows.

Find a rose as fair as thee,

And I shall be defeated sound,

Alas! There exists no rose,

For thou art found!

Thine love is like summer's grace

Always passionate and heated,

The warmth of your embrace

Leaves mine breath depleted.

So fair thou art - Aphrodite

Might hide her unwanted face,

For only thee, fairest blossom rose,

Can occupy her space.

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