Love Poems And Quotes - Love Poems, Romantic Love Poetry

Love Poems And Quotes - Love Poems, Romantic Love Poetry

Love Poems

Magnetic Love

Our love is magnetic...

We are like magnets, in motion we stay

Eternal attraction, forever at play

At times we'll repel, as we turn our backs

But face to face, eye to eye, we can't help but attract

Our force indeed moves, the earth and the sun

And it only gets stronger, together as one

Like north and south poles, never apart

No stronger bond, than our magnetized hearts

Whether a push or pull, that force will remain

Our love is that force, we'll forever exchange

Like the things that hold pictures upon the fridge door

We are like magnets and love is our force

Close Your Eyes...

Close your eyes and see me there in your dreams;

hear the whispers of the words I speak softly

from my heart to yours.

Imagine my hands on your shoulders;

gently rubbing and touching you.

Listen to the breathing and the sounds of love

coming from the depths of your heart;

it is there that I am...

with you always.

Love Poems

About You

Your pretty face

Your sassy style

Your lips, your hips

Your gorgeous smile

You're beautiful, you're gorgeous

Your eyes they sparkle blue

I cherish every single day

I get to spend with you

You're wonderful and loving

I've been searching all my life

For someone just like you

To be my loving wife. 

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