Gujarati Jokes - Enjoy Best of Gujarati Jokes in English

Gujarati Jokes - Enjoy Best of Gujarati Jokes in English

Gujarati Jokes

Once 4 gujju wives met at a party talking about their husband's new cellular phones....

First gujju wife says to others... "Maro pati ne pass mota laura (motorola) che!....

Second gujju wife replies.."Aree sirf mota laura thi kya hoga? errection(ERICSSON) chahiye!....

So the third gujju wife steps up & says..."aree mota laura bhi thick hai, errection bhi thick hai, Par semen (Seimens) nahi to kya fayda?...

And then the fourth said.."Mota laura bhi ho, errecson bhi ho, semen bhi ho, lekin na kiya (Nokia) tho kya fayda??....

       Kanjibhai was preparing wedding cards for their son at the printers. Kanjibhai was not very good at English so he asked the printer to help him.      After the printer had presented Kanjibhai with a draft , Kanjibhai quickly pointed out that the " RSVP " was missing .
      The printer was surprised by Kanjibhai's knowledge and asked him if Kanjibhai knew what it meant.
      Kanjibhai started to think and after much thought he replied : "Vait! I remember! I remember! RSVP!! It means "Remember, Send Vedding Present!"
      Ramjibhai was downtown with his wife and four little children when he decided to take a Rickshaw home. Approaching a Rickshaw driver, he demanded, "How much will you charge to drive us to the Ghatkopar ?"      "I figure Rupees 2/- apiece for you and your wife," said the driver.
"I'll take the four kids along for nothing."
Ramjibhai turned to his children and said, "Jump in kids, and have a nice ride home.
Your Ba and I will take the train."

Gujarati Jokes

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A man decides to learn Gujarati language. He learns an essay on 'FRIEND', but in the exam an essay on 'FATHER' comes.

He replaced the word friend with father in the essay. It read:

I am a very fatherly person, I have many fathers. Some of my fathers are male and some are female. I have a new neighbor, I wish to make him my new father.

Q) Why did Gujju go to Rome ?

A) The Guju wanted to listen to POPE music!.

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