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Good Night Poems - Sweet Good Night Poems sms, poetry, wishes

Good Night Poems

Good Night Poems

Hand in hand

We breezed through kindergarten

Crazy things we did

We had so much fun

Arm in arm

We went through school

Stupid things we did

We were such silly fools

All these memories

Surround me in my sleep

They touch my heart in a way

That makes me smile and weep

Good night

More than just watching TV

Or a late night movie

More than just tweeting away

Or texting everyone all day

I find more happiness

In wishing you a sweet good night

Sharing these two magical words

In my life, sets everything right

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Good Night Poems

Good Night Poems

There can be many reasons

To say good night

But the one I have

Is perfectly right

It’s a quick way to say

Right now I’ve got to go

It’s only a while

Until I see you tomorrow

Good night

A few hours until

We get together

A few minutes until

We see each other

Lots of fun and laughs

Lie just a few moments away

So with a sweet good night

Let me quickly end this day

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