Good Morning Poems For Friends - Good Morning Poems For Lovers

Good Morning Poems For Friends - Good Morning Poems For Lovers

Good Morning Poems

I promise to always raise you up,

Whenever you are down,

I promise to wipe away your tears,

When you need them to flow out,

I promise to keep you smiling,

To show the world your light,

I promise to be your strength,

Whenever you need somewhere to lean,

I promise I will be your voice,

When the words don’t come to you,

I promise to be your eyes,

When you are unable to see,

I promise to be your ears,

When you cannot hear,

I promise to always be real to you,

When you are in need of the truth,

I promise to help you chase your dream,

When you feel they are too large,

I promise to be your smile,

When you ca’t help but frown,

I promise to listen,

When you need to speak,

I promise you my heart,

Whenever you need love,

I promise you my love,

Forever and always.

Good morning, time to rise and shine

Another day of wondrous life is here

The hour has come to redefine

Your journey though the frontier

Beneath the sky in so coolly blue

You’ll continue down your own route

And I wish all the best for you

As you follow your pursuit,

Good morning, time to greet the dawn,

Once again life begins anew,

A fresh start has unfolded for you,

And further clarified your goals in view,

Remind yourself of the dreams of your heart,

Open the shades and bask in the sun,

Throughout the day I wish you only joy,

And may this morning be full of fun.

Good Morning Poems

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Good Morning Poems For My Love 

Good morning, Good morning my Love

I know I just woke up,

But I want to tell you something,

as I drink my morning cup.

I really love YOU

I do? I do? I do!

And As I dream of day your with me,

I don’t know what I’d do.

So this is my way of showing you,

I believe our dreams will come true.

As I wrote this little poem to say,

I love YOU I love YOU I love YOU.

I do, I do, I do!

And may the smile that you get,

when you feel the warmth it brings,

stay with you all day,

As I know we will be happy

for the rest of our loving days….

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