Birthday Poems - Happy Birthday Poems Are Also A Gift!

Birthday Poems - Happy Birthday Poems Are Also A Gift!

Birthday Poem

My friends are many,

Much more than a few,

But no one measures up,

To a friend like you.

Many have my back,

Hearts loyal and true,

But nobody comes close,

To a friend like you.

I'm good to my friends,

The first to come through,

But I'll never compare,

To a friend like you.

Happy birthday!

You are made of kindness,

Love from a heart of gold,

Your touch is angelic,

From the depths of your soul.

You make a real difference,

With mere mortals flawed and blue,

Answering age-old questions,

Who am I? What should I do?

Life can sometimes be unkind,

Making every moment a test,

When I struggled to find my way,

You set me upon my quest.

Now it's my turn to show you,

There's just one way to proceed,

Left foot first, right foot second,

Step by step, you and me.

Happy birthday!

Birthday Poem

New Year Inspirational Poem 

love poems for the one you love

I haven't built much of a fortune,

To leave those who carry my name,

And nothing I've done entitles me,

To a place on the tablets of fame.

But I've loved the blue sky,

I've lived with the birds and trees,

I've turned from silver and gold,

To share in such pleasures as these.

I've given my time to my children,

Together we've romped and played,

And I wouldn't swap a single hour,

For the money I might have made.

I chose to be known by the few,

And was deaf to the plaudits of men,

And I'd make the very same choice,

If I could live my life over again.

I've shared the joy of my friends,

Known sorrow with all of its tears,

Reaped much from my acres of life,

Tho' some say I've wasted my years.

What's fine has been mine to enjoy,

And I think I have lived to my best,

I have no regrets as I near the end,

For the gold I might have possessed.

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