jokes in english joke in english language

jokes in english joke in english language

Some policemen who are fed up with everybody thinking they're but stupid fools decide to show

their wit and skills to the world. With hard work, they learn how to walk on water. When they go

down to the river to give a demonstration and start walking across the water, a guy watching

from a bridge says to his mate, 'Look, those stupid folks don't even know how to swim.'

Teacher: 'What's your name?'
Schoolboy: 'Henry Smith.'
Teacher: 'Always say 'Sir' when you speak to a teacher.'
Schoolboy (apologetically): 'Sir Henry Smith.'

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A librarian said to a man asking for a thriller: 'I can recommend you this book. It is a hair-

raising story.'
'No use to me,' said the reader, 'I'm bald-headed.'

Teacher: How Do You Differentiate "Wife" & "Mother"? Santa: Before Marriage We Sleep With

"Mother" & After Marriage We Sleep With Our "Wife

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