Hindi Diwas Poems with images Hindi Poem on Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas Poems : Hindi Diwas 2017 Kavita Poems,Poetry For School Kids : Here we are going to celebrate Hindi Pakhwada Diwas on this 14th of september in our website. As we promise to publish our second article of Hindi Diwas, Poems, Hindi diwas kavita, hindi diwas nursery rhymes for kids and more. Hindi is the national language of India but in these days people feel shame to speak hindi.

Hindi Diwas Poems with images Hindi Poem on Hindi Diwas

They have a misunderstanding that those people who use hindi to talk are less educated and those people who talk in english are rich and educated. But this sentence haven’t any truth. We shouldn’t feel shame to speak, write our national language. We are here to publish Hindi Diwas 2016 Kavita For School kids on this 14 September. These Hindi Kavita and poem are become helpful for you to give a good impression on your teachers. You can motivate all the present peoples in the assembly by reading your Hindi Pakhwada Diwas Kavita in Hindi on stage. We also have Hindi Divas Kavita for Kids and for nursery students.

अपने को आता है 
बस इसमें ही रस
वर्ष में मना लेते 
एक दिन हिंदी दिवस
मानसिकता पूर्णतया: 
इंगलिश की है 
'लवली एटीकेट' से 'लव' 
'प्यार फारेन डिश' से है

अपना पप्पू 'टाप' है
इस साल 'कोचिंग क्लास' में
अब तो नाता उसके 'फ्यूचर'
और उसके 'विश' से है

हिन्दी का 'स्कोप' क्या है?
रह गया है कहाँ लस
यही क्या कम है मना
लेते हैं हम हिन्दी दिवस