GOOD NIGHT SMS : As the thief was leaving

As the thief was leaving the house,

the child woke up & said 2 the thief

"Take my school bag also, or else I'll wake up my mum".

Gud Nite

Let the most beautiful dream come 2 u tonight

Let the sweetest person come in ur dream 2night

But Dont make it a habit,

Becoz i’m not free every night

Good Night

Dont waste thinking abt ur lost past

Dont waste time 4 planning ur future

Better kill sum mosquito with that time

So tht u can sleep better.

Good Night.

Chmkte chnd ko nind ane lgi,

Apki kushi se duniya jgmgane lgi,

Dekh k apko hr kli gungunane lgi,

Ab to fktey fktey mujhe bhi nind ane lgi,

GÔÔD Night